Best Pakistani Bloggers: Blogging is becoming the most growing fields & attractive profession in the youngster now a days. Mostly the large number of ratio in this fields are the students that come up with unique talent and showcase it to the world. Actually the main reason behind the attraction of blogging is that if an any individual keep any kind of talent, So HE/SHE can easily showcase it individually by making HIS/HER own blog. Because today in this modern era everything is just 1 click away, you can easily create your own BLOG by using advance CMS – (Content Management System), Such as WORDPRESS, JOOMLA, WIX etc. Everything is just Drag and Drop. In last few years pakistan country  has produced several Professional Bloggers.

So today we are going to meet these 10 pakistani blogggers that have really inspired the country. Who worked hard DAY / NIGHT & still working make their future more bright. They are the true inspiration for youngsters.

Top 10 Best Pakistani Bloggers & Blogs 2018:

These bloggers are really the true inspiration for every Pakistani & all other who desires to have their  own blog. These bloggers have helped and trained many new bloggers in  same profession.

1) Taimur Asad of – (

Best Pakistani BloggersTaimur Asad  is a Software Engineer. According to our research taimur’s blog  is ranked 4000+ all across the globe with max Alexa rank of 2000. The redmondpie blog is mainly focused at technical news, reviews, gadgets, information, products, android etc. Taimur has fresh, elegant style of blogging he is the SEO Expert & keeps a deep knowledge of it. His site has came up to high rank in very small passage of time.  His blog has awesome & Marvelous content  for visitors, he keeps trying creating new stuff that is unique & helpful to those who take keen interest in technology. The redmondpie blog is the first Asian site that covers the latest trending news related to Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Android. Taimur’ almost earn $25k/- a month. There is no disbelieve that why he is the on top of our Blogglive ranking in pakistan. I wish Him more Success.

2) Syed Balkhi of – (

Best Pakistani BloggersSyed Balkhi is a well-Known pakistani Blogger. He is the CEO & Founder of Despite the fact that he isn’t living in Pakistan at this moment, as he lives in USA yet was born in city Karachi,Pakistan. He is known for his strong skill, creative outlines, and knowledge in SEO. He is renowned as “the WordPress Ninja” among his customers. With the Alexa rank of 4500 the whole way across the globe and Google Page Rank of 7 he is on second spot in the rundown of Top Pro Bloggers in Pakistan. Syed Balkhi almost earn $20k/- a month. The best thing about Syed balkhi is that i always found him ready to learn something new, Which the best practice that should exist in every blogger. I wish him more success.

3) Muhammad Mustafa  of – (

Best Pakistani BloggersWell this handsome guy is known as mustafa. No doubt a genius blogger, tremendous SEO expert and an addicted web developer. Well mustafa was the first pakistani blogger who has registered his own Company known as STC – Network. When we come to know about mustafa the his current site “” is not the first website he created for blogging. Mustafa first website was in 2008 a blog which he used to manage as a part time job but later jumped in it as a full time entrepreneur. He is almost the youngest pakistani pioneer blogger with sharp SEO techniques. He currently used to stay in karachi, Paksitan. Mustafa has made his own office where he has team of 5 to 7 member’s in under his supervision. After the success of he has created some other successful sites like &, I wish him more success.

4) Bilal Ahmad of – (

Best Pakistani BloggersBilal Ahmad  is also another famous blogger from pakistan. He has done MBA in finance and banking. He started blogging during his MBA as part time job. But he does not knew that this part time blogging is going to change his life for ever. Bilal interest area in blogging is to cover the wordpress, social media, technology, computers etc. Bilal is rank with alexa ranking of 15k accross the world & his total earning is $ 7100/- a month. Initially when bilal started a blog as a part time work he had to go through some serious issues in managing a website as he was from non technical background MBA. But a Part of all bilal never stopped the hard work, he proved that nothing is impossible in this life & today bilal is ranked at NO: 4th in Searched list. Today provide a quality articles, information, tutorials, tips & other latest trending news dynamically. The Journey of this young man is an inspiration for all those Newbies who want to create something new & unique in life. He showed us that despite of NON-Technical background you can survive in technical world, I wish him more success.

5) Amir Atta of – (

Best Pakistani BloggersAmir Atta is the founder of propakistani blogging site, which is no doubt a popular site in pakistan and inspire large number of youngster. When it come to blogging his site always produced a quality work in each and every topic which he started, he is dedicated & hardworking blogger which pakistan has produced. Amir begun his blogging venture in 2008 and his blog is the most prominent blog in the field of neighborhood telecom and broadband industry in Pakistan. In Pakistan it is positioned at alexa 84 rank which make it the most went to blog of Pakistan. spans to a gigantic group of onlookers – in reality more than 500,000 interesting guests for every month to be correct. His blog is positioned at 10k the whole way across the globe with the aggregate acquiring of 6000$ which makes him fifth most famous Blogger of Pakistan. Amir atta is one of the mature blogger and successful person in his profession. I wish him more success.

6) Hassam Ahmad Awan of – (

Best Pakistani BloggersThis handsome guy is Known as Hassam Ahmad Awan. He use to live in islamabad, paksitan. hassam founded his site in 2010. But if we talk about how he came to blogging world, So that is very interesting about hassam. In 2009 very very first hassam started his youtube channel where he used to put his daily random video’s as he was a very friendly guy, but one day hassam realize that this youtube is not the right place from him because he was doing hard work at that time. So day he decided to start his own blog and in a short passage of time his blogg became famous in pakistan. Today hassam is 1 of the most successful bloggers in pakistan. his blog has a very nice reputation world wide. He is earning through google adsense, Buying and selling ads. His blogg rank alexa world wide rank 34,415 & Alexa pk rank 919. Hassam google page rank 4. Alexa backlinks 338. His earning $4000/- a month. I wish him more success.

7) Muhammad Ismail of – (

Best Pakistani BloggersMuhammad ismail a remarkable personality. A conferred and energized man neighborhood of Swabi, KPK.  He has dismissed more than 7 work offers from exceptional relationship since his central target was to achieve his online business and pass on the strategies to the juveniles to achieve the sky in electronic showing. He has started his excursion of achievement by giving workshops in Institute of Management sciences and continued towards a noteworthy package of the titanic schools of Pakistan to pass on his contemplations as a motivational speaker. He was recorded Several times in push among the expert bloggers extensively and comprehensive and was welcomed by Government of United States of America for meetups with world’s most fundamental authorities, Founders and Startups. He was highlighted in Pakistan’s best magazines and furthermore met by different national and overall TVs. He influenced the case to interface to the Pakistan’s profitable business visionaries and electronic showing experts with the tenderfoots through live sessions. Alexa general rank: 162, 463, Alexa pk rank 12094, his earing $3000/ – a month.  I wish him greater accomplishment.

8) Abdul Wali of – (

Best Pakistani BloggersAbdul wali is well know for his hard work in I-T related world. A successful person, web developer, seo consultant, managing several successful sites. His best work is basically known as  Urdu/Hindi tutorials for newbies. Abdul wali did a lot of struggle in his life today he is known widely in pakistan for his amazing work. He is online teacher and almost change many people live by helping motivating them about blogging. He use tell his story about how he became a blogger, his english skills were very weak, he made his english perfect by taking several trainings. Today he is real inspiration for pakistani youngsters. Wali is role model for each and every one if he can do it than everyone can do it. Alexa world wide rank: 37,00/-. Alexa pk rank: 400. oogle page rank 2. Alexa backlinks 299. Monthly Earning $2000 to $4000. I wish him more success.

9) Abdul Samad of – (

Best Pakistani BloggersAbdul Samad is likely the most youthful blogger in this rundown. He began blogging a couple of years prior in an exceptionally youthful age and still he is under 18 years. Abdul Samad writes for the most part about SEO, Blogging Tips and Making Money on the web. His blog BornBlogger.Net is extremely useful for novices, and he’s been currently refreshing it since its creation in 2014. The best thing I enjoyed about Abdul Samad is that he is extremely keen in making buildup via web-based networking media. He is exceptionally dynamic via web-based networking media and helping the amateurs. He is likewise a specialist in offering websites on Facebook without contributing on the advertising side. I wish him good luck for his future undertakings. Alexa worlds wide rank: 106,116. Alexa pk rank: 1175. Alexa backlinks: 97. Montly earning & 1500/-. I wish him more success

10) Mohammad umer of – (

Best Pakistani BloggersMohammad Umer is one of the most youthful bloggers from Pakistan who lives in Mandi Bahauddin a city situated in the focal Punjab area of Pakistan. He has been helping novices by means of his blog “” where he shares tips and traps identified with blogging, SEO and profiting on the web. I included him to urge alternate adolescents to buckle down and deliver unique work like him. We wish him good luck later on.  Alexa world wide rank: 74,000. Alexa pk rank: 15,000. Google page rank: 1. Monthly Earning $ 1500/-. I wish him more success.

I hope you have enjoyed this list about Best Pakistani Bloggers. Thank you for staying with us & giving your precious time to us. & will provide us the feedback to improve this list in future. Thank You!
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