Ufone 3G Internet Packages

Here are the complete details of latest Ufone 3g packages you will learn about Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Ufone 3g packages. Postpay and other Ufone 3G Internet buckets are also included.

The number of mobile internet users is growing at tremendous speed. There is a tuff competition between Telecom companies for internet packages in Pakistan. Ufone offers its customers many amazing mobile data packages to choose. Here we have including every single bit of detail about Ufone 3g packages.

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Here are the Ufone 3G Packages Complete Details

Ufone Prepaid Daily 3G Internet Packages

These are the daily internet buckets Ufone offers to its customers.<In amp Mobile view swap the table right to see the details>>>

Bucket NamePrice (Rs)Volume (MB)TimingSubscription CodeUNSUB Code
Daily light bucket104024 hours*804#UNSUB to 8804
Daily heavy bucket157524 hours*8042#*4804#
Special daily bucket55001 AM- 09 PM*810#UNSUB to 7810
Mega Internet bucket991,0241 AM – 6 AM*550#*5501#

Ufone Prepaid Weekly 3G Internet Packages

Here are the details about Weekly Ufone internet packages.

Bucket NamePrice (Rs)Volume (MB)TimingSubscription CodeUNSUB Code
Weekly Light bucket5025024 hours*7811#N/A
Weekly heavy bucket12550024 hours*7815#N/A

Ufone Prepaid Monthly 3G Internet Packages

These are the ufone monthly data buckets you can use to enjoy 3g inter net for 30 days.

Bucket NamePrice (Rs)Volume (MB)TimingSubscription CodeUNSUB Code
Monthly 1GB Bucket2501,02424 hours*7807#N/A
Monthly 3GB Bucket5003,09624 hours*803#N/A
Monthly 10GB Bucket1,00010,24024 hours*5100#N/A

Ufone Prepaid 3-Day 3G Internet Packages

Ufone also offers 3 day 3g package to its subscribers here are the details:

Bucket NamePrice (Rs)Volume (MB)TimingSubscription CodeUNSUB Code
3-day bucket2510024 hours*3350#N/A

Ufone Prepaid Social Data 3G Internet Packages

These are the cheap ufone social Data 3g bundles you can use to fulfill your social media needs.

Bucket NamePrice (Rs)TimingSubscription CodeUNSUB CodeDetails
Social Daily Bucket501 Day*4242#UNSUB to 5444Free usage on Facebook, WhatsApp &Twitter.
Social Monthly Bucket5030 Days*5858#N/AFree usage on Facebook, WhatsApp &Twitter.

Terms & Conditions for Ufone Prepaid 3G Internet Packages:

  • An FUP of 100 MBs per day will be applied on Social Daily bucket.
  • An FUP of 500 MBs per day will be applied on Dialy Light, Daily Heavy, Special Daily & Dail Chat buckets.
  • All buckets are valid for prepaid customers only
  • Buckets can be subscribed by dialling *3#
  • Dial *706# to check the remaining balance of the buckets
  • All prices are inclusive of taxes

To learn more about Terms & Conditions about 3g packages visit Ufone.

Ufone Postpay 3G Internet Packages

If you are a Ufone Postpay customer these are the data tariffs you can avial:

Bucket NamePriceVolume (MB)Validity (days)Subscription Code
Postpaid 1GB300102430*4547#
Postpaid 3GB700307230*805#
Postpaid 5GB1000512030*7550#
Postpaid 10GB12001024030*8550#

Terms & conditions are apply to learn more visit Ufone.

Other Ufone 3G Internet Packages

You can also use these two Ufone 3G offers:

Package NamePrice (Rs)VolumeValiditySubscription CodeDetails
3 Day Hybrid Bundle30+tax30MB3 days*5353#300 min (U-U/PTCL/Vfone), 300 SMS, 30MBs
Mega Internet Offer991GB1am – 6am*550# N/A

Ufone Internet Packages: Uth Pack

If you are using uth package you can use  these packages to get 3G data bundles

NamePrice (Rs)VolumeTimingSubscription CodeUNSUB Code
Daily Lethal Surfer1050MB24 hours68506851
Monthly Pro Surfer1501.5GB30 days6860N/A
Monthly Heavy5004GB30 days6870N/A